Boost your lucid mindset...

with three guided meditations to enhance your lucid dreaming practice and connect you with a highly lucid power animal.

Your next lucid dream is just a thought away!

A video lesson with Dr. Clare Johnson, and three unique guided meditations. Yours to download and keep forever.

1)   Lucidity Booster: Daily Habits

2)  Lucid Dream Induction

3)    Lucid Tiger Energy 

About The Course

Lucid dreaming can help us with everything from improving skills to spiritual development.

It can facilitate physical, emotional and ancestral healing.

One thing we can do to help us have a higher frequency of lucid dreams takes no effort at all: we only need to lie down, relax, and listen to a guided lucid meditation.

This simple practice enables us to steadily build a lucid mindset – an optimal state of aliveness and curiosity that helps us to wake up in dreams and live a more conscious waking life, too.

This video and audio course has been specially created by lucid dreaming pioneer and global teacher, Dr. Clare Johnson.

The Lucid Mindset video lesson teaches you the three golden tools that make up a lucid mindset. It explains how to activate the superpower of visualisation.

The course also comes with three guided meditations to optimise your lucid mindset and invite the powerful, helpful energy of the Tiger to help you become lucid on all levels of being.

1)   The Lucidity Booster, a Daily Habits Meditation. This walks you through exactly how to raise your lucid awareness every day, in order to become lucid in your dreams.

2)   The Lucidity Induction, a Simulated Lucid Dream. You can use this at night, during naps, or as an early morning meditation – this is a golden moment to get lucid, as the brain chemistry is perfect.

3)   Lucid Tiger Energy. Based on an actual lucid dream, this visualisation gifts you with an encounter with an amazing and powerful lucid dream ally. It includes affirmations to help you drift directly into your own lucid dream. 

Besides being enormous fun and allowing us to engage with our joyful, childlike nature, lucid dreaming can help us heal from grief and loss, learn the art of conscious dying, and discover more about the nature of reality. It is a fabulous state of consciousness! 

Deeper Expansion

"The meditations really enabled a deeper expansion within, which is something I'll take with me for a lifetime.

Just having the opportunity to be around Clare transformed my life."

Lincoln, Virgin Islands

Transformative Lucidity participant


"Dr Clare Johnson has the scientific knowledge and her bright spirituality. The combination makes her courses very influential.

It's always illuminating to listen to her."

Elif, Turkey,

Power of Dreams participant

Unique Teachings

"Dr. Johnson has a warm, wonderful presence and a unique way of teaching lucid dreaming that's very profound. I have more lucid dreams, my nighttime is transformed. I'm a more positive, happier person."

Joachim, Canada,

Yoga Nidra participant



"I've been practicing with her Yoga Nidra audios and the rate of lucid dreams increased from 1 in 2 months to 1 per week. So cool! Thank you, Clare! Keep doing this excellent job!"

-Tharcilio F, Brasil

Evolve Your Consciousness

"Evolving consciousness is the ultimate way to heal the planet and Lucid Dreaming is the next step in raising our consciousness.

If you want to take a deep dive into Lucid Dreaming, you'll want a friend and mentor by your side who travels with you on this exciting journey.Let Clare take you by the hand and… be amazed."

-Ted, Netherlands,

Transformative Lucidity participant

About The Teacher

Dr Clare Johnson is an internationally known lucid dream pioneer. She was the first person in the world to do a PhD on lucid dreaming as a creative tool. Past President & CEO of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, she is the author of many books on lucid dreaming, nightmares, and dream therapy. Clare had her first flash of lucidity in a nightmare at the age of three, and has since had thousands of deep lucid dreams and awakenings.

Tiger is one of her most lucidity-triggering, protective, powerful, and playful dream animals.

Clare helps people to experience life with greater joy and awareness. Her original lucidity techniques are used by people around the world. She runs Lucid Dreaming Ocean Retreats in stunning locations.