Open the Door to Energy Healing...

with three powerful practices for physical healing. Connect with your mighty inner healers.

Your next healing step is only moments away!

A video lesson with Dr. Clare Johnson, and three uniquely healing practices. Yours to download and keep forever.

1) Healing Energy Ball

2) Hands of Light

3) Healing Rainforest Journey with Power Animals

+ BONUS 60-minute workshop: Lucid Dream Healing of Physical Illness.

Practice #1: Healing Energy Ball

Adapted from Tai Chi to activate and embody healing dream imagery.

Practice #2: Hands of Light

This guided visualisation helps your body transform on a cellular level.

Practice #3: Healing Rainforest Journey

Meet your healing power animal in this rainforest meditation.

About The Course

Physical healing can seem elusive, but the truth is that we each have enormous healing potential.

When we work with the natural flow of energy in our body, and combine this with healing intent, we can activate powerful healing.

The good news is, it's easy enough to do. In this healing class, all you need to do is relax and listen to the guided practices.

This video and audio course has been specially created by lucid dreaming pioneer and global teacher, Dr. Clare Johnson.

Dr. Clare has spent decades developing practices to help people to heal through a unique mix of dreamwork, guided visualisations, lucid awareness and bodywork.

The practices in this course can facilitate physical, emotional, and ancestral healing.

The Heal Your Body video lesson and the 60-minute bonus workshop teach you how to activate the superpower of healing intent.

The course offers 3 guided practices to optimise your healing mindset.

All three practices are downloadable, yours to keep forever. Enjoy the healing magic!

60-Minute Bonus Workshop

Dr. Clare Johnson shares the inner workings of lucid dream healing and demonstrates the transformative potential of liminal states of consciousness we can all access.

You do not have to be a lucid dreamer to heal yourself!

"I’m loving every minute of this, and I can’t thank you enough for sharing this life-changing tool with us!!

I have to say that your teaching has opened a door that I always knew was there but didn’t know how to open. I’m most grateful for what I have learned here, and for your guided meditations. They are indeed the greatest gift I could give myself.

I totally feel like things are happening here that are truly changing my life, and not just superficially, or temporarily. That part really blows me away.

- Pauline M, France


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"Your class was life changing for me.

And I'm the kind of person who criticises people saying that usually!"

- Samantha D., France

I can heal my past traumas

"To know that l can use lucid dreaming as a tool for the healing of past traumas in my life, is a huge gift I'm most grateful for."

Claire, S.Africa

A reminder of who I really am

"Finding Dr. Clare Johnson and these courses has vaulted me into a new level of personal consciousness-raising... it’s like I’m being reminded of who I really am!" 🙏🏼

Karen, Rhode Island, US

Like being guided into a lucid dream

“I really enjoyed your course. For me, it was like being guided into a lucid dream. I was able to have some amazing and healing experiences.”

Penny, UK

About Your Teacher

Dr. Clare Johnson is a world-leading authority on lucid dreaming and was the first person in the world to do a PhD on lucid dreaming as a creative tool.

Past President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, and the author of seven dream books, she has dedicated her entire life to exploring consciousness, lucidity, and the healing power of liminal sleep states.

Clare is also a yoga instructor and novelist, well used to working with breath, body, and the power of the imagination.

Clare's website with lucid dreaming tips, interviews, and articles is