Manifest Your Best Dreamlife...

with three guided meditations to tap into the awe-inspiring wisdom, intelligence, and energy of your dreams.

A video lesson with Dr. Clare Johnson, and three unique guided meditations. Yours to download and keep forever.

1)    Welcome Your Dreams

2)    Six Questions to Decode Your Dreams

3)    Become Your Dream

When we unwrap dreams, they become guides that light our way through life.

About the Course

Deepening our relationship with dreams connects us with our enormous capacity for self-healing. It helps us to evolve as conscious beings and become more awakened – more lucid – in life and in dreams. We can tap into our inner wisdom and guidance to make important life decisions.

This video and audio course has been specially created by lucid dreaming pioneer and global dreamwork teacher, Dr. Clare Johnson.

Dreams often speak in a highly metaphorical, symbolic language and it can be difficult to figure out the message.

The video lesson teaches how to access the wisdom of your dreams in the most relaxing way.

You can then get comfortable and listen to these three specially created guided meditations. You’ll be talked through profound dreamwork techniques and will easily reach a deeper understanding of your dreams.

Professionally recorded and set to dreamlike beautiful music, the meditations are downloadable: yours to keep forever. They can be used to deepen your understanding of any dream, past, present or future.

The three guided meditations on this course are:

1)  Welcome Your Dreams. A powerful intention-setting meditation to open our hearts to our dreams and invite them into our lives. Set any intention for your dreamlife – better dream recall; fewer nightmares; meet wise guides; have lucid dreams… 

2)  Six Questions to Decode Your Dreams. With a dream in mind that you’d like to unwrap, let Dr. Clare guide you through the process. You’ll receive information, find the most energised image in your dream, and imagine the dream as a movie.

3)  Become Your Dream. You’ll be guided by Dr. Clare to imaginatively “become” a dream object, animal or person. This wonderful exercise in empathy allows you to engage with the different energies within your dream and return with gifts, wisdom and powerful insights.

All dreams come to help and heal us. When you engage with your dreams, you will begin to experience inner transformation.

These guided Lucid Dreamplay meditations also train your mind to recognise when you are dreaming, and help you to become lucid. 

New Understanding

"I love getting back into my dreams with a new understanding.

You have been a bright and guiding star."

Judith A, Ireland

Power of Dreams participant 🌟


"What you taught us was so transformative, Clare. Life changing! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your wisdom. And, your kindness and love!"


Kay C, Texas

Power of Dreams participant


"Thank you Clare for bringing clarity to me in my understanding of lucid dreaming. To know now that l can use it as a tool for the direction and healing of past traumas in my life, is a huge gift I'm most grateful for."

Claire, S.Africa

Transformative Lucidity participant



"Now I have a tool set of pure magical gold to get to know me better through my own dreamworld."

- Christian V, USA. 

Profound Changes

“I’ve had such changes in my dreams! That’s profound!

I feel you will continue to touch increasingly more souls as more people become aware of the power that lies in their dreams.

Thank you for helping the world raise its frequency by helping people release so much fear and empowering them.

When they feel the strength in their dreams they can feel it in their life.”

Meike S., Germany

Lucid Dreamplay participant

About The Teacher

Dr. Clare Johnson is a global lucid dreaming teacher and a pioneer in the field. She was the first person in the world to earn a PhD in Lucid Dreaming as a creative tool. Past President and CEO of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, she has written seven dream books, including The Art of Lucid Dreaming.

Clare's video courses with guided meditations and musical lucid journeys open up the magical world of dreams. Her popular 30-day "Power of Dreams" course has already attracted many thousands of participants.

A prolific lucid dreamer, Clare became fascinated by the rich "other world" of dreams and nightmares at the early age of three, and began a lifelong journey deep into the mysterious inner universe of the soul.

Clare helps people to experience life with greater joy and awareness. Her original lucidity techniques are used by people around the world. She runs Lucid Dreaming Ocean Retreats in stunning locations.