In dreams and meditative states, we can connect with loved ones who have died...

This course offers a video lesson with Dr. Clare Johnson & three unique guided meditations to bring you loving support and connection after bereavement.

Yours to download and keep forever.

1) Reunite With Lost Loved Ones

2) You Are Guided

3) Healing Lucid Dream With Your Loved One

Our deceased loved ones can become guides who help us through life.

About The Course

This course has been created with love and compassion to help anyone who has lost a beloved person or animal.

Our loved ones who have passed away are not really lost.

Death is not a concrete wall; it’s simply a different vibration, another frequency.

This course teaches beautiful ways to connect with our beloved deceased.

We can do this through guided visualisations, lucid dreaming, and blissful rest.

With these specially created guided meditations, we can actively invite healing encounters with our loved ones.

We can process and release upsetting emotions such as disappointment, sadness and grief.

We can even co-create new memories together by interacting with them in dreams and guided meditations.

This video and audio course has been specially created by lucid dreaming pioneer and global dream therapy teacher, Dr. Clare Johnson.

The video lesson explores the nature of death and grief, and describes in practical terms how to connect with deceased loved ones.

The course has three downloadable guided meditations: portals to help you gently part the veil between the worlds.

1) Reunite With Lost Loved Ones guides you into deep relaxation and enables a healing reunion, with the chance to release difficult emotions and communicate whatever is needed.

2) You Are Guided brings you into contact with the invisible, angelic, or tangible spirit guides whose purpose is to support you on your life's journey.

3) Healing Lucid Dream With Your Loved One guides you into a blissful conscious dream journey in vibrant nature, for a heartwarming reunion and to create new moments together.

The simple act of lying down, relaxing, and following these guided meditations paves the way for profound healing.

By opening up to a continuing relationship with deceased loved ones, we enable a transformative flow of peace and love.

We celebrate our relationship with our loved one, and invite joy and connection into our lives again. 

Below, you can read what people are saying about Dr. Clare Johnson's courses, and view the course curriculum.

Life Changing

"Your teaching has opened a door that I didn’t know how to open. 

I totally feel like things are happening here that are truly changing my life, and not just superficially, or temporarily.

That part really blows me away."

-Pauline, France

Power of Dreams Participant

Heal Your Soul

"Clare is loving, patient and kind and works like a midwife between the dreamer and this wonderful world that is just a blink away.

Clare can help you heal your soul and open vistas to consciousness that you may not even imagine possible."

- Zack, Hawaii
Yoga Nidra participant

New Understanding of Life

"So happy and amazed at the journey.

My understanding of who I am and what my life is about is irrevocably changed forever."

-Kevin, Australia

Lucid Dreaming Adventure participant



All meditations are downloadable: yours to keep forever.

"Let me say that Dr. Clare is an angel among us here on this earth. What a wealth of knowledge and what a teacher (the two do not always go hand in hand)."

-Joan C, USA. Power of Dreams participant

"Nobody ever really dies:

we are as alive on the other side as we are in this life.

Our consciousness and soul energy continue, vibrant and alive."

-Dr. Clare Johnson

About Dr. Clare Johnson

Dr Clare Johnson is an internationally known lucid dream pioneer. She was the first person in the world to do a PhD on lucid dreaming as a creative tool. Past President & CEO of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, she is the author of many books on lucid dreaming, nightmares, and dream therapy. Clare had her first flash of lucidity in a nightmare at the age of three, and has since had thousands of deep lucid dreams and awakenings.

Clare creates her video courses and guided meditations from the heart, with the aim of helping people to experience life with greater joy and awareness. Her original lucidity techniques are now used by people around the world. She runs Lucid Dreaming Ocean Retreats in stunning locations.