Dream. Evolve. Awaken.

Create a magical life through conscious dreaming...

These courses have been created with love to help you illuminate your inner worlds and bring joy and lucidity into all areas of your life. Enjoy!

Lucid Dreaming Ocean Retreats

For a fabulous in-person experience, come to Portugal for a lucid holiday to explore the creative, healing & spiritual aspects of lucidity.

Our 2024 retreat is 4 days long - we added an extra day! October 3-7 on the stunning Algarve coast of Portugal.

Small groups, big dreams.

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The Power of Dreams

A 30-Day Journey into Lucid Awareness, Dream Wisdom, & Joyful Living

Embrace your awakening in your own time! Inspiring daily videos with Dr. Clare. Five recorded workshops with tips and practices. A beautiful, downloadable dream journal & workbook with all techniques.

Take this super-deep course at your own pace.

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Lucid Mindset

3 Guided Meditations to Boost Lucidity with Tiger Power

  1. Lucidity Booster: Daily Habits
  2. Lucid Dream Induction
  3. Lucid Tiger Energy 

+ Video lesson on Three Golden Tools for a lucid mindset and the power of rehearsal and visualisation.

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Lucid Dream

Explore consciousness & transformation in this 2.5 hour video workshop, recorded from a live event.

Access higher states of awareness; resolve nightmares & anxiety dreams; dissolve lucidity blocks; enjoy guided lucid meditations.

Now only $16

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Portals into Lucid Journeying & Sound Healing

There are portals into lucidity everywhere...

7 video lessons, beautiful guided lucid meditations. Plus two 60-minute workshops, recorded from live events.

Magical guided lucid dream journeys with gongs and bowls. Downloadable - yours to keep forever.

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Heal Your Body

Physical Energy Healing with Dreamplay & Power Animals

This is a brand new video & audio class.

3 guided healing practices,

1 video lesson,

1 hour-long bonus workshop: "Lucid Dream Healing of Physical Illness."

Your next healing step is just moments away.

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Dream Yoga

Conscious Sleep

for Wake-Induced Lucid Dreams, OBE, Manifest Your Heart’s Desire

7 instructional videos and 6 hours of guided lucid meditations to ease you into lucid dreaming, OBE, and manifesting your heart’s desire.

Illuminate your consciousness and receive gifts of wisdom and insight.

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Nourish Your Inner Child

A video lesson and three deep and joyful guided meditations. Yours to download and keep forever.

1: Inner Child Guided Dream Re-entry

2: Love Your Younger Selves

3: Playdate With Your Inner Child

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Yoga Nidra
for Lucid Dreaming, Healing & Blissful Sleep

Come on a wonderful video and audio adventure into the art of lucid dreaming.

7 video lessons and 6 hours of lucid musical journeys. Yoga Nidra is the most relaxing lucidity practice ever. Perfect for stress-relief and a calmer mindset.

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Private Mentoring

With Dr. Clare Johnson

One-to-one care and guidance. Highly personalised sessions.

Lucid dreaming, nightmares, Dream Therapy, sleep paralysis, creativity, conscious living, manifesting, yoga nidra, spiritual guidance.

Opening for "Lucid Star" Mentoring Programme from April 2024.

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Manifest Your Best Dreamlife

3 Guided Meditations to Decode Your Dreams & Improve Recall

1)    Welcome Your Dreams

2)  Six Questions to Decode Dreams

3)   Become Your Dream

+ Video lesson on techniques for accessing dream wisdom

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Dream Love,
Dream Healing

3 Guided Meditations & A Whale Ride Into Sleep

  1. Waterfall of Love
  2. Embody a Healing Dream Image
  3. Whale Ride Into Sleep: Lucid Dream Induction

+ Video lesson on how to actively welcome love & healing

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Reunite With Lost Loved Ones

3 Profound Guided Meditations to Heal Grief & Connect with Peace, Joy & Guidance

  1. Reunite With Loved Ones
  2. You Are Guided
  3. A Healing Lucid Dream with Your Loved One

+ Video lesson on dreams & meditations as soulful portals

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Lucid Sleep

Bliss out with both "Dream Yoga"

& "Yoga Nidra for Lucid Dreaming"

This two-course bundle offers a deep, dreamy journey into the heart of Dream Yoga and the ancient meditation practice of Yoga Nidra.

These two lovingly created courses guide you into blissful lucid sleep and expand your consciousness.

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Individual portals now available

These six wonderful portals can now be purchased individually.

Each Portal comes with a video lesson and guided lucid journey.

With bonus videos & a 60-minute workshop.

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10-Day Lucid Dreaming Class

Currently only $5 for subscribers to DeepLucidDreaming.com

Sign up for access to over 3 hours of lucid videos with Dr. Clare Johnson.

Plus a beautiful 30-minute lucid dream induction audio journey, a lucidity guidebook and more. 93% off this 10-day class.

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Sueños Lúcidos

2.5 horas de exploración sobre los sueños lúcidos, en español!

      Profundiza tu conocimiento sobre este interesante estado de conciencia.

      Descubre herramientas prácticas para inducir el sueño lúcido.

Obtén un audio con una guía para inducir el sueño lúcido

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Lucid Tune-Up

Let's get together and talk about lucid dreaming!

Enroll to receive the free recording of this 60-min workshop.

Includes live Q&A and a guided lucidity ritual.

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New vistas to consciousness

"Some may refer to Clare’s gifts as shamanic and once you experience the gateways she’s able to access, you’ll understand what I mean. Clare is loving, patient and kind and works like a midwife between the dreamer and this wonderful world that is just a blink away… Clare can help you heal your soul and open vistas to consciousness that you may not even imagine possible."

Zack, Hawaii

Wondrous dreams

"My dreams grew from dull to wondrous, my abilities from disconnected to understanding. I re-connected my own states of consciousness as whole.

At the close of class, I was left in a deeply miraculous place from which to launch these communications with lucidity, forward."

Danny Blitz, USA

Inspirational guidance

"Clare is such an inspirational teacher and guide – every class I felt uplifted and ready to dive deeper into my own dreaming practice. The transformative lucidity course is all encompassing, deep and fun, I highly recommend this course!

I've been lucid dreaming for many, many years and still found so many takeaways that I am applying right now."

Katie, US

What students are saying...

My understanding of who I am and what my life is about is irrevocably changed forever.”

Kevin, Australia - Yoga Nidra participant


"What you taught us was so transformative, Clare. Life changing! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom.

And your kindness and love!" ❤

Kay C, Texas - Power of Dreams participant

Hi, I’m Dr. Clare Johnson

I'm a lifelong lucid dreamer and was the first person in the world to do a PhD on lucid dreaming as a creative tool. I'm the author of seven dream books, and a recent past President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams.

I've dedicated my life to lucid dreaming and related states of consciousness, and I'm passionate about helping people to heal, grow, explore the nature of reality, and lead happier, more creative lives. When we connect with the magic of dreams, we open up to so much joy and beauty.

I'm the creator of www.DeepLucidDreaming.com

"Dr. Clare Johnson has amazing talents at guiding people through the dream realms and the subconscious mind. Utilizing her teachings and techniques has been a transformative and powerful experience for me. I would recommend her courses to anyone who is wanting to explore these practices further."

-Derek S. (USA)

Participant of Transformative Lucidity course & Yoga Nidra for Lucid Dreaming course