AIR Portal

"Flight of the Golden Owl"

Connect with the wisdom, balance and vision of the Owl. Fly free and meet your spirit guide.

You will receive:

A 25-minute video lesson with global lucidity teacher Dr. Clare Johnson

One magical guided lucid dream journey with gongs and Tibetan singing bowls.

Downloadable - yours to keep forever.

And also...

6 videos on lucid dreaming, hypnagogia and yoga nidra


A bonus 60-minute workshop with a Fire-Breathing Dragon meditation.

Your Golden Owl audio journey has 4 listening options:

1) 12 minute version for a quick lucidity boost

2) 40 mins with wake-up for naps

3) 60 mins with wake-up for luxury naps

4) 60 mins without wake-up, for use in the middle of the night. To ease insomnia or initiate lucid dreaming.

This Air Portal was part of the class "Spiritual Portals into Lucid Journeying & Sound Healing".You can buy all six portals together here if you prefer.

It's beautiful and so easy...

To travel through this lucid portal using the element of Air, you simply lie down and relax.

Dr. Clare Johnson will guide you into that highly creative, lucid state between sleep and wake.

This is the art of Lucid Journeying - a powerful but very easy form of meditation that absolutely anybody can do.

It is the gateway to lucid dreaming and a wonderful stepping stone to spiritual evolution. It is also deeply calming, balm for the soul.

You can watch a demo clip of this class by scrolling down to the course curriculum. Join the hundreds of powerful dreamers who have already floated blissfully through these newly created portals!

Course Curriculum

Click on the Introduction video and Demo clips to discover more about this magical course.


(Includes all taxes)

"My understanding of who I am and what my life is about is irrevocably changed forever." 

- Kevin, Australia


"It's been an enlightening journey to say the least.

This last class alone was so so powerful!!!"

Lincoln, Virgin Islands

A Miraculous Place

"At the close of class, I was left in a deeply miraculous place from which to launch these communications with lucidity."

Danny B., Texas

Powerful Magic

"Magic! So, so powerful.

Clare, you have pulled so much together for me in this course. I am thrilled, tickled, inspired. And so grateful to you."

Heidi, US

About Your Teacher

Dr. Clare Johnson is a world-leading authority on lucid dreaming and was the first person in the world to do a PhD on lucid dreaming as a creative tool.

Past President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, and the author of seven dream books, she has dedicated her entire life to exploring consciousness, lucidity, and the healing bliss of liminal sleep states.

Clare is also a yoga instructor and novelist, well used to working with breath, body, and the power of the imagination.

Clare's website with lucid dreaming tips, interviews, and articles is

On this Air Portal course, you can...
  • Hone your lucid dreaming skills
  • Communicate with spirit guides & power animals
  • Open portals to profound healing
  • Connect with your creative core
  • Learn how to manifest your heart’s desire
  • Perform powerful rituals to unlock your mind
  • Surf your hypnagogic imagery to enter a wake-initiated lucid dream
  • Ease insomnia and welcome blissful sleep
  • Discover incredibly beautiful inner landscapes
  • Evolve your consciousness
...all while you relax blissfully!