Lucid Tune-Up

with Dr. Clare Johnson

Let's get together and talk about lucid dreaming!

Special event for the 49th anniversary of the first scientific proof of lucid dreaming, back in 1975.

49 years ago, lucid dreaming history was made.

This breakthrough quietly began to change the world...

Live, free online session on Saturday, 13 April 2024.

9am Pacific. (12 Eastern Daylight Time; 5pm UK time; 6pm Germany time)

Duration: 60 minutes.

  1. The science of lucid dreaming
  2. Tips, tricks, and techniques to wake up in our dreams. Optimal brain chemistry for lucid dreaming.
  3. Q& A - bring your questions on any aspect of lucid dreaming.

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Link to live "Lucid Tune-Up" session

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I have discovered through Dr. Clare Johnson’s work an entirely different level of being that has transformed my life.

What she teaches is the closest thing to magic that I have witnessed.

- Zack, Hawaii

Frequent lucid dreams

"I've been practicing with Dr. Johnson's Yoga Nidra audios and the rate of lucid dreams increased from one every 2 months to one every week. 

So cool!"

-Tharcilio F, Brasil  


"This experience has already changed my life.

What a wonderful world Dr. Clare brings to light."

- Katie G, Bronx, New York

Hi, I’m Dr. Clare Johnson

I'm a lifelong lucid dreamer and was the first person in the world to do a PhD on lucid dreaming as a creative tool. I'm the author of seven dream books, and a recent past President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams.

I've dedicated my life to lucid dreaming and related states of consciousness, and I'm passionate about helping people to heal, grow, explore the nature of reality, and lead happier, more creative lives. When we connect with the magic of dreams, we open up to so much joy and beauty.

I'm the creator of